• Logotherapy Online Counselling offers online counselling under the umbrella of Logotherapy.
  • Logotherapy is a psychotherapy developed by Dr Viktor Frankl (1905–1997) and focuses on a meaning centred approach to one's life. Thus therapy through searching for one's unique meaning in life. Logos = meaning. Logotherapy teaches us that it is not we who ask the question of Life. Why me? Why this? Why now? Rather it is Life that asks the questions of us and it is our responsibility to answer to Life's questions.
  • As a Diplomate Clinician in Logotherapy, I look forward to being of service to you on Logotherapy Online.
  • Logotherapy Online Counselling has been open for counselling services since the 1st of August 2011.

Recent news

Practice Closing Times — (10 Dec 2018)

To My Valued Clients

Please be aware that the Logotherapy Online Practice will be closed from Tuesday 18 December 2018 until Monday 7 January 2019.

As always, please feel free to continue to log your sessions and I will attend to them on my return.

Warmly Marylyn

Today I Choose Life — (10 Dec 2018)

Today I choose Life in spite of the challenges..

Today I choose Life in spite of the shadows..

Today I choose Life because I can..

Today I choose Life becase I matter..

Because after all... Life chose me..

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